Posted by: Jeff Timmins | June 16, 2010

Basics of Release Management for SaaS

Here is my 2 minute pitch on the high-points of Release Management for SaaS


To track/document code Releases, to help protect the interests of the Operations team, to coordinate multiple teams working together toward the Release, to ensure they are effectively deployed, to communicate change and to ensure Release related issues are resolved quickly.

Release low impact code to customers, ensuring the desired effects of the update (i.e. provides value) and that it is effectively communicated to internal and external customers.

Track Release Items
* versions deployed, when deployed, where deployed
* making sure they are triaged
* making sure they don’t happen again

Protect Interests of Operations
* represent what Operations needs for each deploy
* ensure that Uptime and stability is not at risk due to deployment

Coordinate Work of Multiple Teams
* Communication to external customers happens when needed
* Communication by Marketing aligns with Release
* Timing of Release doesn’t interfere with Operations schedule

The Code Deployments
* Coordination of Code deployments per Business schedule
* Validating/Creating Deployment docs
* Management/Tracking various versions of Code
* Management/Tracking various versions of different systems (Prod, Demo, UAT, etc.)
* Tools used for deployments

Communicating Change
* internal customers are notified and prepared for Release related issues
* external customers are notified

Checks and Balances for Releases
* what is an acceptable Release
* what is included in Release
* who is responsible for Release


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