Posted by: Jeff Timmins | June 18, 2010

Elements of RM – Leadership Part 1

The exciting thing about Release Management (RM) that there are a number of parts or elements or the work.  Thus to be effective in RM you need to be a semi-expert on those topics.  Leadership is key to RM and something that I have always had an interest in – how to be a better leader, how to motivate people, how to lead without being Genghis Khan or George Patton.

Below is the first entry on the Leadership:


Leading people – Expecting to find another Leadership tip from corporate America in Gary Hamel’s Management 2.0 series I was surprised by story about the Leadership style of an Anglican Victor’s assistant in England.  Even more surprising the was the success of a Program that had so little control.  As Hamel states at the end, many lessons can be taken from the story but the main two he wants to pass along are a) Leadership via “low control, high accountability” and b) finding the work that best suits the people you are leading.

The rest of the article (Leadership from the Inside Out — Part II) can be found at

Meetings – directing or leading a meeting can be challenging at times because people can wonder off topic and those not talking can focus on their mobile devices, not to mention trying to get to a decision in 30 minutes.  In the Management section of is SQL Blog, SQL Andy talks about how knowing what kind of answer you want at the end should decide how you start a meeting.  In particular, do you want people to comment on your idea and/or make it better or do you want to welcome everyone to come up with their own solution?

The rest of the article (Leaders in Meetings) can be found at


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