Posted by: Jeff Timmins | September 3, 2010

Cloud in the News – 08-30-10

Amazon is #1 in the Cloud – O’Reilly reports that Amazon is the most popular Cloud platform measured by the amount of open jobs related to their services.  Numbers might be off a bit because Amazon has a way of listing jobs forever (making me believe they are simply looking for good people and not filling a huge need) but probably close to reality.

Trend Micro provides SecureCloud – CIO magazine reports that Trend Micro has released SecureCloud – a new Cloud security program – to Beta.  Its intent is to give enterprises a way to encrypt data in cloud-computing environments and provides answers to basic questions like “Is this image OK? And is it mine?”

Citrix brings VMLogix into the fold – Citrix’s acquisition of VMLogix shows that they understand where they can excel.  Since they are giving away XenServer & they are #3 in VM sales they rely on tool revenue to produce a profit.  VMLogix gives them higher level tools + a tool that will support combination deployments of VMware, Hyper-V and XenServer.

The importance of Multi-tenancy – This week I thought it odd that a lot of blog entries were coming up on the topic of Mult-tenancy.  After all, I thought everyone understood what a benefit it was in the Cloud.  I guess not enough did so Phil Wainewright set everyone straight on why you should care.  Good reading if you are interested.

SSO in the Cloud from Symplified – Symplified’s solution for Single-Sign-On (SSO) has been out for awhile (I personally reviewed this product for a company I worked for about 6 months ago) but they have refreshed it with “an array of new features designed to keep local user stores and cloud-based services on the same page.”  We never deployed it but the product looked like a winner.

Zimbra in the Cloud – thanks to being purchased away from Yahoo by VMware, Zimbra is getting some good exposure for what they can do in the Cloud.  They have Virtual Desktop offerings but the easiest way to explain it for the Cloud is email & collaboration in the place of Exchange or Gmail.  They also offer pre-configured Mash-ups called Zimlets – Project Management being one example.



  1. Hi Jeff… Ur blogs on RM and its scope used widely everywhere..I have a hands on with RM ITIL part …but wanted to learn more.. And belief me this is Awesome …. Keep blogging and helping Everyone 🙂

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