Posted by: Jeff Timmins | September 19, 2010

Communicating Problems and Releases Part 2 (Chase Online)

Revising my post about Problems with Communication from June since Chase Bank’s Online system was down for days this week.  This one actually impacted me because I’m a user of Chase Online.  I thought the communication (or lack thereof) was troubling because it was down for more than 4 hours (where was the DR fail-over?) they gave no ETA or idea of what caused the problem.  Maybe they couldn’t tell use because it would impact security?

UPDATE: on 9/19 (Sunday) at 3pm I received an apology email from Chase Bank titled “Please accept our apologies.”  Their message used a lot of words to say very little.  They used nice words like “we apologize if this created any difficulties for you“, that they wanted to assure me “that your account information was not compromised as a result of this outage” (good, as that was something I wanted to know) and that this “was not the level of service we know you expect, and we will work hard to better serve and communicate with you” (what service should we expect from you in the future?, so you know you didn’t communicate well?).

I thought NetBanker did a good job down for days going over the Lessons learned (relearned?) from this issue.  It covers Homepage warning, Referrals to other channels (work-arounds) Apologize and reassure and Communications to mobile customers – all things that are important to our customers.


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