Posted by: Jeff Timmins | November 26, 2010

Elements of RM – Garbage collection information

What happens when a high wind + snow hits the Pacific Northwest?  Total shutdown and challenges to get information out.  Part of that information problem is when the Garbage will be collected.  Sure, a small part of the pie, but still an important part of keeping the area looking and smelling good.

This is picture from Friday, showing customers still waiting for Garbage collection.  Their scheduled pickup day is Tuesday but the trucks never came (Monday storm made Tuesday a bad day to be out on hilly roads) and still have not come.  If they only had a Release Management system to communicate to the impacted customers about their Garbage collection, the cans would not be on the street for multiple days.  Note that the risk is only partly cosmetic, most of it is about the risk of dogs tipping over cans and spreading Garbage all over the street.

I should say that there was some type of notification of customers but it really wasn’t easy to see.  Customers could have read a small note buried in the local newspaper Wednesday or they could have gone to the Brem-Air web site and wade through a number of confusing links to get the information.  That could have helped but it shouldn’t be that hard to get the needed details.

Information about what is happening should be easy to access or even better, come directly to the customer via some form of Technology. RSS Feed, easily found web page links or email alerts would have been better.


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