Posted by: Jeff Timmins | December 17, 2010

Elements of RM – Change Management

Basic (but always good) Change Management tips from the Advice Blog at

from Part I

  • No matter how large or small you are, everyone needs controls over who is allowed to make changes to your Production system.  This will help minimize change related issues.
  • All changes should be carefully planned & designed, well documented in chronological order and reviewed.

from Part II

  • Know the business you are supporting and know how changes will impact the end users.  A working system is most likely critical for them to get their work done and thus critical to your longevity.
  • An example of knowing the business is being able to select the best time of the day & week to schedule downtime.
  • Communicate scheduled time to the user community in advance.
  • Downtime plans must include a back-out strategy that has been verified if things go south.
  • Understand that your Vendor doesn’t always know what is best for you so you need to verify that the patches they send you are really needed at your location.

Also worthy of note on this topic is Brent Mark’s Basics of a Rollout from AtTask’s blog about all things Project Management.  There Brent writes from the perspective of effective planning so you don’t have to learn lessons the hard way.  This might be just what you need if you found your planning lacking last time. =}


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