Posted by: Jeff Timmins | May 29, 2011

Living without Release Management?

Some companies decide to live without Release Management because they have never understood the benefits, see it as a luxury, or they feel like now is not the time.

For those who are interested in adding RM in the future I would advise two easily accessible lists help them understand when to make the jump.  One list would detail the painful signs of living without RM.  The other list would show the future benefits they could enjoy.

The “painful signs” list would look like this:

  • too much wasted time
  • too many guesses related to a Release
  • too many updates deployed twice because the first one was not what it needed to be
  • too many “if I only knew” statements
  • too much time tracking down what will be changed and when it will be changed
  • too many questions to get to the right answer
  • too much downtime & not enough thought about what the customer needs

The “future benefits” list would look like this:

  • efficiency
  • accuracy
  • do it right the first time
  • the right information to the right people at the right time
  • customers are taken care of

The trick is to be wise enough to look at the lists on a regular basis.



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  2. Great post Jeff

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