Posted by: Jeff Timmins | July 4, 2013

Types of Release Management positions

Because the Release Management (RM) role is not formalized like Project Management is, searching for RM positions requires a lot of filtering through “RM type” positions.  The amount of filtering is much like the filtering needed when looking for a Goldendoodle dog – is the mother the Golden Retriever (preferred) or is she the Standard Riley_5xPoodle?, are we talking F1s (preferred) or F2s?, can I see pictures of the previous litters please (some mixes can be scary)?, etc.  I mean just look at all the different versions of the Goldendoodle!  (I know you are curious about my filtering success so I’ve included a picture of our Goldendoodle Riley at 6 years old.)

Anyway, when preforming a search for a Release Manager job on the Dice, Linkedin or Craigslist, you might see the following different types of Release Management roles in your result set:

Program Manager – managing multiple Projects, typically projects that include the Release of software to Production systems

Technical Project Manager – managing Projects that are more technical than typical projects (e.g. deployment of Routers or launching a new Data Center)

Release Coordinator – typically only responsible for the “last mile” of the Release process, that of coordinating the change to Production

Release Manager – responsible for predictable & successful changes to Production and in order to facilitate that, manages the change through Quality, Development, Pre-Production environments and final approval to ensure success & customer satisfaction at the end of the deployment

Release Planning – planning releases, can include what code will be deployed at what time, can be part of the Agile Scrum process

Build Manager – owner of source control, responsible for branching, building, sometimes merging and sometimes Continuous Integration (CI)

Build Release Manager – typically the Build Manager role + the Release Coordinator role

Product Release Manager – adding a BSA or requirements gathering role to the Release Manager role

Now that you have all these different types of positions in your result, the filtering begins! (i.e. looking for the role that you are actually qualified for).  You can decide to search only for Release Manager inside quotes (i.e. “Release Manager”) but if you do that you may not see the real Release Manager roles that are hidden under other names.  In short good luck and be patient, read them all and look for key words in your filtering – that diamond is out there somewhere.

Tips – I have had success in the past when searching for Release Manager (without quotes) roles using the following:


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