Posted by: Jeff Timmins | July 21, 2013

Release Manager Interview questions

Release Management Interview questions

I recently took some time to think about interview questions for a Release Manager position.  This below is what I came up with as the basic things I would like to know for any prospective employer.

  1. What type of Solution(s) does the company release?
  2. Who are the customers of these Solutions – internal or external or hybrid?
  3. What is a typical release schedule(s)? – Make sure to ask about Pre-Scheduled releases, Off-scheduled releases and Emergency/Urgent releases
  4. Does the company have multiple office locations with employees that support or supply code for the release process?
  5. Does the Release Manager have any responsibility for the code before build is created (i.e. while the code is in Planning, Development or QA)?
  6. What are the build responsibilities (if any) for the Release Manager role? – Make sure to ask about making the build and deploying the build to Pre-Production environments (includes staging, Pre-Prod, UAT, etc.)
  7. What does the approval process for Production changes look like?
  8. What is considered success for the Release Management role?

Are they any I missed that you think should be included?



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