Posted by: Jeff Timmins | July 25, 2013

Love thy customer Release Manager!

Or learning to love (or at least care for) thy customer if you don’t already

Not many people hate their customers.  I find that most either like or don’t really care about the “end-user” customer. What they really should do is love their customer. Unfortunately they don’t because they never get it through their heads that they wouldn’t have a job without their customers.

I was at the grocery store today and the checker didn’t give me eye-contact when saying “Thank You.” Instead of sharing some humanity it felt robotic and forced really. They don’t hate me, they just don’t care if I as a customer come back. They probably think they have enough people coming through the doors so why should they care?

Everyone should care because in the end, each customer pays a part of your wage. At some point someone is going to provide the same service + care about their customers and because of that win the customer race. For those who have been part of a startup or a failed company, you know what I mean. Those who work on commission really get it.

With the core task of delivering updates to Production systems in a safe and systematic method, a Release Management’s job repeatedly impacts customers. Hopefully for a “good” impact but sometimes software or deployments or people fail and the customer is the one to experience that failure. If you care/love thy customer, those “not so good” impacts will be reduced.

For me it happens to be easy to care. Maybe it is a product of work experiences which included a startup that failed, a company that experienced multiple layoffs (one of those layoffs included me!), an advertising agency that continually had to pitch to new & existing customers and being taught while selling computer supplies that obtaining new customers was expensive (so you better keep the ones you have!).

However you start caring/loving your customer I hope it comes to you soon. I would say you know you love when you cringe when someone at work says “I don’t care about the customer, Fred needs to do that, I’m not going to help him or solve that problem for him, it is his job.”

<rant> It is just sad when people don’t go the “extra mile” to help a customer solve their problems just because they feel it is not your “job” or because it would require extra work. Those kind of people need to start thinking instead of continuing to complaining some much.</rant>

Remember to love … while you still can!


Disclaimer – I should say that I’ve had really good experiences with my local Heating vendor twice (for different issues) and the regional power company. My Heating vendor has repeatedly shown great customer service and because of that I love recommending them!



  1. Alüminyum Boru

    good artical for me. thank you.

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