Posted by: Jeff Timmins | July 28, 2013

Search results for Release Management

Okay, not everything in a result-set for “Release Manager” at but all the interesting things RM related from a recent Google search + some results filtered for 2013 only. Along with my finds are my comments:

  • Release Management definition – nice high-level definition of Release Management. This text would be a good starting point for a discussion within an organization regarding what parts they want to embrace and then how to define the depths of responsibilities for various personnel.
  • What is Release Management from Boston University – looks it comes from the BU IT department so not covering a class offering on Release Management. Nicely documented process (a big plus the “Objectives” part) including details on how to create a Release using the Service Now tool and a workflow!
  • Bamboo advertisement from Atlassin’s web site – nice SEO there!  Looks like nice automation of part of the Release Management process. (Note I’m a current JIRA user at work and have been told by the Tools owner that sticking with Jenkins would better serve our needs.)
  • 7 Ways to Improve Your Software Release Management from – a popular search result that I’ve seen before but is something that would be good to review on a regular basis to make sure your organization is using Release Management properly. I especially liked the line at the towards end – “Release management is a really important part of any software project and is not often given the attention it deserves.”  This is one to bookmark!
  • puppet labs Release Management notes – details of the deployment plan for the person that deploys to a Pre-Production site and to Production, “last mile” of the Release Management process to me.
  • More from puppet labs, Release Management Best Practices at Amazon – nice high-level “advertisement” for puppet labs usage at Amazon … humm … makes me think that all uses of puppet should fall under a Release Management process … a blog entry for another day …
  • News from that Microsoft acquired InCycle’s Release Management Service InRelease – almost 2 months old at the time of this blog entry and InCycle’s goal is “that this acquisition will help it to add release management capabilities to Team Foundation Server. ” Without going too deep, it sounds like a Jenkins solutions for TFS for Continuous Delivery. Also note that a ComputerWorld article from 7/12/13 states that Microsoft “is now deploying the software to offer DevOps capabilities to its Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server users.”
  • Release Manage Done Right” – a well written piece covering the differences between a build and a release, a good read for those just getting into Release Management.
  • Mozilla’s Release Management TeamWiki page – just that, the starting page for Mozilla’s Release Management team (probably more Release Engineers per my definition) – might be a good idea for your team?
  • pluralsight’s Agile Release Management new course announcement – oh yes, Agile Release Management … yet another good topic for a future post!

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