Posted by: Jeff Timmins | August 17, 2013

What is Release Management success?

Success for a Release Manager is …

I’ve been working on a post titled “Tackling the KPI problem” for awhile but I just cannot finish until I tackle the question of success. Oh I could but then I’d have this way too long post that no one would read and what would be the good of that!

So, what is success for a person in a Release Manager role? It is an important question because without it you’ll never know when getting yelled at by your boss was valid, if you really earned that bonus at the end of the year or feel good about your work at the end of the day. Note – being really busy and getting a lot of work “done” can feel satisfying but it doesn’t really mean you were successful in my book.

For me, success is …

  • No surprises
  • Communication to the point that all internal resources that need to know are informed on the status of the Release – both before and after
  • Complete details of the Release documented in the correct locations
  • A deployment that is of no greater impact to the customer than that was already communicated to them – this could call for a rollback to the previous version if things go bad
  • Taking the time to thank those team members who did their job
  • (Updated 8/19 – forgot great interview response) Listening & meeting established deadlines
  • (Updated 8/19 – reminder from interaction at work today) Ability to directly or indirectly delay a release that is either not ready or will be too risky to deploy if it happen to be ready on time – this something that your boss may never see but you will!


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