Posted by: Jeff Timmins | September 27, 2013

What about Release Management for those Puppet changes?

Should Puppet changes be managed under Release Management?

For those who don’t about Puppet, here is a description from Puppet Lab’s FAQ:

Puppet is an open-source next-generation server automation tool. It is composed of a declarative language for expressing system configuration, a client and server for distributing it, and a library for realizing the configuration.

Basically the tool allows for changing Server configurations and installations by a simple automated process. Because it is about “making changes” to systems, I have been wondering if these types of changes should be managed by a Release process? I know some of you are gasping that I even dare to ask the question but I think it is important to ask.

At a previous company Puppet changes happened on a daily basis and to my knowledge these changes were never a direct cause of a problem. That said, the process for making those changes were not part of a change log and thus were challenging to track by anyone outside of the Systems team.

I believe a good compromise for that situation, and many others out there, is to create a light-weight Change Management process that allows for tracking these changes but doesn’t require the typical approval process. (Light-weight = only taking another 2 minutes or so for the Systems Engineer to complete.) Part of this process would be submitting the desired change about 3 days before it is made so Change Management could be aware of it. If the Puppet change needed to be made sooner then maybe an email to the Change Manager and their reply with acknowledgment of the change would be enough. All this so there is changes can be understood by the community.

What do you think?



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