Posted by: Jeff Timmins | April 30, 2014

Role during Deploy windows

Role of the Release Manager during Deployment windows

Personally I like the role of sleeping during the Deployment or Change window. Typically they start around 1:00 AM so that seems1am logical to me!

Sleeping patterns aside, there are a number of default roles during the Deployment window – Deployment Engineer & Test/Validation of the change – but what else is needed? Other roles are people with domain knowledge, management for communication purposes and a leader to make sure that all parts of the Change are completed as planned.

During my first role as Release Manager (RM), the Data Center Manager (and manager of the people doing the deployment) was the leader of the Deployment. I would prepare the deployment directions and communicate prior and after the change but he was the one to run the show & escalate to Development as needed during the change.

In my next Release Manager role, the RM was the person leading all the deployment, validation and communication work during the deployment window. This included being responsible for calling for a Rollback if needed. The fun part is that some weeks I was scheduled for multiple 1:00 AM deployments and sometimes we performed back to back deployments that would last 8 hours. We did order food as well when people were required to be in the office for the deployments.

I’ve also seen a type of Release Coordinator role that is responsible for managing the hour by hour schedule, provided parking passes and purchased food during the deployment window (we always deployed in the office).

While some deployments have worked well without RM representation, I firmly believe that it is a good idea to have a person responsible for the welfare of all parts of the Release actually leading the work.


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