Posted by: Jeff Timmins | May 30, 2014

Not everyone will like you

Not everyone will like you when performing the RM role

As I was sharing some frustrations with my boss the other day he said “You are in the wrong job if you want everyone to like you.” My answer was I know but I just don’t want to piss people off more than I already have. We laughed and moved on to another topic.

After we were done my mind kept coming back to the idea of not everyone liking me. It was more like a conflict within my mind, one side accepting the fact and the other knowing I would rather have it the other way.

A part of the role of Release Manager is the mental or emotional performance. Can you stand up to people who are not following process? Can you be friendly when people admit mistakes that caused you pain? Do you compromise to be well liked? Can you bring two conflicting sides together? Some might call it emotional intelligence, others would say be the person your parents wanted you to be.

In the end you and I need to accept that not everyone will like you but you should try your best to be fair, honest and upright as much as possible. If you can accomplish that you will do well.


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