Posted by: Jeff Timmins | October 25, 2014

The Internal customer from RM prospective

The Internal customer from a Release Management prospective

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In general the following is a list of typical internal customers of a Release Manager:

  • Data Center or Network Operations
  • Product or Customer Support
  • Solution Business Owner
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Individuals that own or support the customer relationship (e.g. Account Managers, Implementation Engineers, Product Management, etc.)
  • Super Users – Internal users or support staff that help complete a task for the customer (e.g. a Representative at a large Insurance company that helps customers with their account) or serves them (e.g. a Broker at a large stock brokerage firm that helps customers to complete a trade for a fee)

* I purposely left Change Management off the list because in a healthy environment the Release Manager has a direct or “dotted line” reporting relationship with the CM office.
InsideJob* the first time I heard the Internal customer term was from a John Cleese training film “Meeting Internal Customer Needs




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