Posted by: Jeff Timmins | February 26, 2015

Importance of the Known Good

The Importance of the pre-deploy Known Good

Unfortunately I’ve been reminded lately of the folly of making changes to Production systems without confirming “all is well” before the start. Knowing that your system is “Good” or not (i.e. Known Good) is a good idea before something else is added.

In theory, your monitoring system and health checks will define “Good” or “Not so Good” before a Production change. This is a theory because not all Public Internet sites, free or login required, have such systems in place. I don’t collect data on the topic but my guess is that less than 50% have decent monitors and health checks. If you are part of the majority that doesn’t know the exact health of your system before Production deploys, my suggestion is to confirm “the Known Good” before making that change in Production.

If you don’t have a “Known Good” system, then when your post-deploy validation report comes back with errors how do you really know if the change just completed caused the problem or not?

Don’t be that guy that keeps a deploy window open for hours tracking down a known issue … get “Known Good” before you start!



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