Posted by: Jeff Timmins | March 27, 2015

RM Thought of the Day – Reducing Chaos via isolation

Release Management thought of the Day – Reducing the Chaos via isolation

Recently I had to stand up for “best practices” for Release Management and came up with the following short description of “why I do what I do.” Here it is:

The goal of Release Management is reducing the Chaos associated with Production Change. Among other things, to support that goal I believe that:

  • Changes should be isolated as much as possible (i.e. one or a limited amount of changes to Production at one time). When changes are made in isolation, Pre-Production validation is easier, impact to the Production system is minimized and if there is an impact it is easily identified.
  • Various teams need to be prepared for each Change
  • Changes should be properly validated in each Release Gate (i.e. no shortcuts taken unless the walls are burning down)




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