Posted by: Jeff Timmins | April 30, 2015

Tracking Release Runway Part 2

Tracking Release Runway Part 2

Regarding my previous post Tracking Release Runway (a.k.a. “Part 1”), after using the “spreadsheet view” for a few weeks I realized that a calendar view would be very helpful when discussing this information.

GDoc Runway Tracking CalendarThe reason behind adding the calendar view was that when discussing start and stop dates of a projects I could tell people didn’t see the impact of the concurrent projects. Once I offered the calendar view the project teams understood conflicts thus making it easier to discuss compromises. (For our projects the conflicts deal mostly with testing capacity.) My guess it is easier because our brains are wired from years of training of seeing dates in a calendar view.

Because I still wanted a view to track all data related to a project (detailed in Part 1) I the original as “Main View” and named the other tab “Calendar View” on the same spreadsheet.

GDoc Runway Tracking Tabs



Because I have not automated the input of this data it requires a double-entry effort on my part but with around 6 projects that is not a large burden.


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