Posted by: Jeff Timmins | June 13, 2015

Therapy for Release Manager

Therapy for Release Manager

Most people need to take a mental break from their daily jobs in order to remain sane. For the Release Manager working on a team of one (i.e. no direct reports), the need is a little greater due to the nature of the role.

From my experience the typical RM is continually negotiating Release dates & Pre-Production validation status as well as borrowing or persuading people to work toward their project. Having a high amount of responsibility that require on-going discussions can be mentally draining. Because of that it is important to entertain your mind with a different type of project while away from work.


Outdoor Table

I’ve always enjoyed bicycling and photography because it has been great therapy for clearing my mind as I focus on something completely different. I’ve started to build wood furniture after work and that adds another dimension to the therapy – full control! (Okay, semi-control as the Product Owner – my wife – has the final approval.) The fun part is that I’m not dependent on anyone else to complete the work. I set the delivery dates, I have a lot of control over the design, I source the materials and only sometimes the Product Owner rejects my decisions.


Planter box with post for outdoor lights

Quality (QA) is another interesting difference in my wood projects. At work, I have high expectations for overall project quality. At home, my word furniture only needs to be at a “good enough” quality. I do care about how my table looks but imperfections are acceptable and “adds character” to the piece. Also I will “increase quality” if needed when making the 2nd version of something but I will not throw-away the first version. It is almost another part of the therapy, living with “good enough” when I require perfect the rest of the day.

Note that I’m not trying to sell my furniture to you or anyone else but wanted to encourage you to find something you enjoy to keep your mind fresh. Furniture creation is not for everyone but works well for me.












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