Posted by: Jeff Timmins | August 16, 2015

RM Thought for the day – I care but not too much

A Scrum Master once told me he didn’t know the details of any given Sprint because he doesn’t want to become too attached. His reason was that with attachment you care about the pieces in the Release too much therefore might lose focus on the main task – getting stuff out the door.

I typically care greatly about the projects I’m involved in. Not sure why, maybe the result of being driven hard by my brother-in-law to be a world-class ice cream scooper when I was young. Anyway, I believe caring is a desirable characteristic of a Release Manager – but there is a limit.

Sometimes I care too much (i.e. tempted to go beyond my process to make sure customers are taken care of) and when I do I have to remind myself to focus my role and let others do their job.

For example, there was a hotfix where the team didn’t make the correct request & didn’t provide the correct details. They were close and I could have facilitated the rest of the details myself. But I didn’t. I stuck to my process. When I don’t stick to my process I’m in the way of a team effort and that can cause problems.

My role is to remind people of the process, remind them their release is stalled and to help them as much as possible without doing their job.




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