Posted by: Jeff Timmins | August 16, 2015

RM Thought for the day – the Trap

The Trap of giving into the Loud voice

They can be found in every Organization. They are the Leaders outside of Development and IT that have the Loud voice regarding your Releases. It is understandable they can be heard – afterall they are impacted by your success and failure.

When you hear that voice remember the easily heard voices should be filtered against the Release Management process.

I encourage you to have the greatest level of respect for the leaders of your Organization. Hopefully you even like them. The Trap is wanting to please them more than your emediate management and/or following the pre-approved process.

The warning signs of entering the Trap are easy to spot. It starts when you doubt your process or a particular request tugs at your heart or you just want to end the continued off-process requests.

The 1st step is to establish an exception process. If an off-process request is made there should be method to evaluate it.

The 2nd step is to do the right thing – follow the process. Just do it! Do what your process tells you, what it requires of you.

Don’t take the easy shortcut. Always preform in a way you can easily explain – with self-pride and without excuses when asked.


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