Posted by: Jeff Timmins | September 11, 2015

RM Thought for the day – Truth is key

RM Thought for the day – Truth is key

trust-300x225The information that a Release Manager provides should come from what is true. With truth you can build trust. Without truth your information is without value because once found out no one will trust it.

The keys to providing the truth are good sources and the moral strength to report what is true.

Most of the time it is easy for RMs to provide information because it is both true AND doesn’t bother anyone. Information sharing becomes challenging when the truth is not popular with your customers or install Stakeholders. That said, what are your options when people start to complain about “your” truth?

Option #1 – communicate the truth regardless of those that complain, no matter who asks you to change your information you choose not to misrepresent the truth.

Option #2 – lie to make the complains go away – for example lying about the quality of the Release or the deployment requirements or what is to be communicated externally.

Take Option #1 and don’t lie. Lying doesn’t help anyone in the long run.



  1. Your use of Truth reminds me of The Rifleman’s Creed. However, there is no fear of using Truth given that conflated context.

    And there are no other options. 😉

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