Posted by: Jeff Timmins | October 31, 2015

Making the Release Process better

Not everyone values Process. Not sure why, guess they would rather “shoot from the hip” (a.k.a. do whatever comes to your mind at the time). That doesn’t work for me. I love Process. I want a task to be done the same way each time. Reasons are numerous but mostly because a followed Process stands up to any Audit and internal customers deserve to know what success looks like.

make-it-better-mobileAdditionally, an important part of a Release Management Process is to continually review it for possible improvements. For that I suggest a yearly review of your Processes and if possible a review each six months. This is helpful because parts of the RM Process could be confusing or completed incorrectly or no longer needed because of technology improvements. In the end, you can usually do something to Make It Better.

Here are the steps to follow to complete a Release Management Process review:

  • Review the current Process, noting parts that you (as the owner of the Process) think needs revising.
  • Interview your internal customers (Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Dev & Test leadership, IT Operations, Support, etc.) asking them what is working, what is not working and what suggestions they may have to improve the Process.
  • Interview your manager and their manager asking them the same questions as above + their thoughts on your success implementing the Process.
  • Now with feedback from others, review the current Process again, noting other parts that need revising and parts that need minor revising to become more acceptable to others.
  • Create a Draft of the revised Process.
  • Share the Draft with a few trusted reviewers and edit the Draft as needed.
  • Now send out out the revised Process to all internal customers for a final review.
  • Publish finalized version after making the last minor edits from the final review.

This will take some time but it is time well spent.




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