Posted by: Jeff Timmins | January 27, 2016

Ensuring quality

Review, review, review. Verify, verify, verify. Review & verify some more. Such is the life of a Release Manager but is the motivation of a lack of trust or something else?


In the world of political correctness, throwing around the term “lack of trust” is not that popular. Sadly, sometimes it feels like trust is an issue for a Release Manager but maybe there are more socially acceptable words to use?

While thinking of this I noticed something in my email that was very helpful. Since my resume is in a few databases I see a number of RM openings via email. I don’t typically pay much attention but an opening from Exeter, NH caught my eye (I love that corner of the world!). When reading it the following (highlighted) from the Responsibilities section stood out to me:

  • Responsible for Release quality control within Change Management procedures, including the review of pre-Change testing, …
  • Ensures the highest level of quality in technology implementation/releases via thorough analysis of submitted releases …
  • … ensure a repeatable and traceable approach to release processes and procedures.
  • Anticipates release/deployment problems and opportunities and initiates corrective action and/or enhancements when needed.

Bingo! – great terms and phrases for a Release Manager to use to communicate the task of “Ensuring quality.” In particular:

  • Responsible for Release quality control – the need to check & verify details is because the RM has to answer for the Release quality.
  • Ensures .. via thorough analysis – part of the quality control is to dig through the details to confirm the needed information is presented as well as correct.
  • Ensures a repeatable and traceable approach – part of the requirements for most Change Management processes + needed to guarantee deployment success.
  • Anticipates … problems … initiates corrective action and/or enhancements – not only is the RM responsible for review but to make or request corrections as needed.

When asked, a Release Manager could say that they require Release information because they don’t trust the rest of the team. Another option, and probably an easier way to win friends and influence, is to refer to state that the information you require is to ensure overall Release quality and to fulfill the requirements of the Change Management process.

Bingo, issue resolve!




  1. New to Release Mgt…and loving these articles. What about raising the profile of Release Mgt in your organisation? Looking for some inspiration on how to market the service within large corporation.

    • Thanks for the comment, I will look at that topic for a future blog entry.

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