Posted by: Jeff Timmins | February 19, 2016

DevOps communication done well

Recently I saw a great example inside my company of DevOps communication done well. It was related to a minor update to our On-Prem instance of TFS 2015. This time I’m one of the customers and it was very nice to see that someone took the time to share “inside Release information” with me & the rest of the team.

This was is what the email communication looked like regarding the schedule:

Having not heard any concerns from anyone about the time window for this upgrade, we will be proceeding to update TFS from: Friday, March Xth 23:00 ET to Saturday, March Xth 07:00 ET.  Scrum Masters, please let your teams know that TFS will be completely unavailable during this time period.

This was is what the email communication looked like regarding the changes:

Update includes new features in Backlog


  • Improvements on the web portal: commit details summary is easier to read, and an improved experience for cloning Git repositories.
  • Backlogs: multi-select on all backlogs, drag any item to an iteration from anywhere, Add panel to the iteration backlog, line on the burndown indicates actual capacity, configure settings directly, add/remove users in the sprint plan, and multiple activities per team member in planning capacity for a sprint.
  • Kanban boards: query on columns, card coloring, tag coloring, inline renaming of columns and swimlanes, reorder cards when changing columns, configure settings directly, and hide empty fields on cards.
  • Work items and tasks: tasks as checklist, link to branches and pull requests in work items, task board card coloring, and limit values shown for Work Item type in queries.
  • Build: improved access control for resources, improved source control integration, usability fixes in Build Explorer, and parity with XAML builds for label sources and client-side workspace mappings.
  • Testing: export test outcome for manual tests and test result retention policy improvements.
  • Dashboards: 100% customizable with new widgets and multiple dashboards.
  • Version control: use Git and Team Foundation Version Control in the same project, history and getting started
  • Extending: Service Hooks tab available on-premises

More  detailed  information can be found in Release Notes : Update is installed to non-production environment so you can try it here:



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