Posted by: Jeff Timmins | February 26, 2016

Why Release Management is important

I heard a story the other day about a SaaS provider (disclaimer – I have no connection to this company) that I thought should be shared. This is a great example of why Release Management is an important part of an SDLC and why I think my job is important.

Here is the story [with comments], names removed to hide the guilty.

The users at “Company A” use a solution from “SaaS Provider B”. The users at Company A reported that they were unaware that SaaS Provider B performed a software update [Strike #1 and Rule #1 – inform thy users!]. Sadly SaaS Provider B also introduced a new bug into Production during the software update that Company A didn’t know about [Strike #2 – not good!].

The impact of the newly introduced bug was that the program didn’t actually save all the important/critical changes when users selected the save function [Strike #3 – I’d call that a Sev 1 Bug]. On top of that, Company A then used the SaaS solution to submit their very important paperwork, thinking their important/critical updates were actually included [yikes!].
In the end Company A had to re-submit their paperwork [embarrassing, costly, etc.]. In addition they decided to look for another SaaS provider. 

Regardless if this is true or not (I’m fairly sure it is), it is a good reminder of why it is a good idea to employ a Release Manager on your team.

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