Posted by: Jeff Timmins | April 30, 2016

Life can be humbling

Life can be a humbling experience. All around us are examples of things we don’t know as well as we would like. This is a reminder that Release Management is no exception to that rule. The key is to understand this is part of the process of adding value to your organization.

I purchased a car needing more work than originally thought (an example of a humbling CVJointconversation with my wife … create idea for another blog … maybe) so I’ve asked my neighbor for help with some of the repairs. I need lots of help as I have troubles changing my own oil! Per a Auto repair shop’s report I tell my neighbor the CV Boot needs to be replaced (example pictured here) and he starts going on about re-manufactured this, consider the source of the re-manufacturing, where to look for it here and my head starts spinning. After two more conversations and multiple internet searches I am finally able to have a conversation about how to make the correct purchase. Cannot wait for the learning experiences related to the actual repair!

Being a Release Manager can be very humbling as well. As an RM I believe it is important to understand at least the basics of the Solution you support. If you don’t then your value to the organization is diminished (important difference between Release Management and Release Coordination – RMs provide more value). Each time I start a new job I have to learn a new the Architecture and process flow. The task of learning can take a few months and my only advice is to be patient and take great notes – in time you will be comfortable.

Lately I’ve been adding more Solutions to my Release Management responsibilities while hiring other Release Managers to back-fill the Solutions I’ve mastered. Because of that I find myself learning a new set of Solutions (i.e. being humbled again). I find it especially challenging to be an expert in one part of the Organization and someone learning from scratch in another part of the Organization. In time I’ll add the value I want but for now I have to be patient and humble.



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