Posted by: Jeff Timmins | May 30, 2016

Invisible Release Management

Can you see your Release Manager? Is “No News” the same as “Good News”?

The other day I was part of a meeting where Managers gave “shout-outs” for a job well done. Maybe I’m a little too self-confident but I kept waiting for someone to mention my name.

Not surprisingly that comment never came. Then I remembered … I’m the invisible man … no wait, I’m the Invisible Release Manager!

I use the term “invisible” because the Release Manager role is not even noticed if the job is done right. Because of that I really shouldn’t think that anyone would notice. In my first Blog entry titled RM Charter #1 I wrote about the same concept but honestly it has been awhile since I thought about it:

“In addition, RM done well is an invisible process to the customer and to the company as a whole.  This goal is definitely applicable to SaaS (customer focused) and thus easily transferable to a SaaS company.”

I love doing my job well and I have to admit I would love it someone actually too the time to notice and provide positive feedback in a group of my peers but I shouldn’t expect it. Hopefully your management or other leaders are giving you positive reviews of your work – if not I encourage you to find a group of peers that will.



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