The Release Management in the Cloud blog is a creation of Release Manager Jeff Timmins.  The blog is dedicated to the Release of software/solutions/services to the Cloud but can be translated to Releases behind the Cloud as well.  The main reason this blog was created was to store standards and training information because Release Management information is challenging to find on the Internet.

Jeff is an experienced Release Manager with over 7 years of formal Release experience with SaaS and Services companies.  Before that he was the Implementation Manager and acting as an informal Release Manager in the company – tracking Releases, asking Engineering for Release standards and information and coordinating Release information with other parts of the company.  Jeff has over 20 years of experience in IT (including Implementation, QA, Help Desk and Data Center work) as well as 3 years in Technology sales.

Jeff can be contacted at jeff@laughduck.com.



  1. Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for the writeup. I have been a Build and Release manager for around 8 + Yrs with a total of 11 Yrs of experience. I also did hands on activities for scripting on multiple scripting languages. I however didn’t have an opportunity to work on SaaS or Agile methodologies. I am planning to takeup Certified Scrum Master certification in next month. I am also appearing PMP certification on 25th of this Month. Could you be able to share some insight into what I should specifically look forward to in CSM..?


    • Hello Subbu – I apologize for the long delay in replying. The good news – at least you didn’t miss anything from my late reply – is that I don’t have any advice on the CSM certification because I am not a Scrum Master myself. I see the value in becoming a Scrum Master – I think it is especially value in the Scrum of Scrum role – and being a Release Manager but I have not taken the time for that certification as of yet.


      Jeff Timmins

  2. hello Jeff,
    I am planning to get a job in release management.At present i am working with incident and problem management.Kindly help me with interview question as asked.

    • Hi Sarfaraj,

      I would be glad to help you plan for your interview. Let me know how I can help or you are welcome to send questions to jeff @ laughduck .com.


      Jeff Timmins

  3. Nice to see a blog specific to Release Management, we are such a small community of IT professionals and any information to help me in my role as a RM is much appropriated.

  4. hi Jeff,

    can you help to outline a release process without the duplication within change management? Thank you very much!!


    • I’d love to help, please provide me with move information on your environment and we can go from there. Email at jeff @ laughduck . com


      Jeff Timmins

  5. Hi Jeff,
    8-9 years back during my days a Release Manager, it was pretty challenging to be recognised & getting support for RM’s contributions to projects with many questioning even the need for this role & later tough getting career advancement to other Project/Program management roles with RM background

    Now I am trying to be back in mainstream IT job after few years & while I still explore its heartening to see lot of openings for RM’s & that likely this role has got it due recognition.

    Back then I had to setup RM process with hardly any good references to aid me, which was a great experience for me .. Now, I see lot of advancement in RM roles & integration tools , & certifications available which is great…

    A dedicated blog such as yours really helps building various perspectives for budding RM’S. Just want to thank you for this effort & endeavour.


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